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This latest edition of the Porter Press follows an eventful year-end and a very busy first quarter in 2019. Good business activity and a number of exciting developments within the group have ensured that we have a catalogue of updates in this publication.

Its always a pleasure to be able to present the results of hard work and effort by our staff around across New Zealand, Australia and California, and showcase the many achievements of individuals and teams. The ongoing growth initiatives and expansion projects provide the platforms for new business, new customers and overall increased activity and our teams have embraced these opportunities. Notably, the recent acquisition of Sandvik Mobile distribution rights across Australia has been a significant catalyst to business growth in the region and a boost to our complete quarry solutions package in Oceania. We are very pleased with this latest development and look forward to providing a new standard of excellence to the customers base in this sector.

While we continue to evolve as a business, we have the opportunity to welcome new staff and celebrate those who have been with the group for many years. These are significant milestones for the individuals who make up this great company and we congratulate our team members on their respective achievements.

We also congratulate and thank our many long-standing and newly acquired customers across all the regions for their ongoing loyalty and support. We are pleased to bring you some insights into a small portion of these customers in this publication, whether they be machine purchasers, renters or parts and service clientele.

We trust and hope that 2019 will remain economically buoyant and that we will be able to bring you many more exciting and positive outcomes throughout the year.

Darren Ralph
General Manager Sales & Marketing - Porter Group


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