Porter Haulage provides customers with the most comprehensive heavy haulage service available today. The Porter Haulage team are specialists in the transport of heavy machinery, and other over-dimensional and overweight loads, nationwide.

Porter Haulage comprises an impressive fleet of heavy haulage vehicles, including a team of certified pilot vehicles with experienced drivers to operate them. The team of drivers at Porter Haulage go through a rigorous BESS (Bridge Engineering Self Supervision) testing, which helps them understand all aspects of weight distribution, legal bridge weights, and over-height and over-width dimensions. The pilot vehicle drivers have been involved in the heavy transport industry for several years, and are trained with Class 1 and 2 pilot licencing.

Porter Haulage has been extensively involved with the development of specially designed trailer configurations, built to optimise loading capabilities for customer requirements, with load carrying capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 120 tonne.

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